About the Brand

BIC Graphic continues to raise the bar with the JAFFA® brand, your complete source for awards and recognition since 1972.

The JAFFA® awards collection has earned the vote for #1 supplier of awards and recognition products for 13 years in a row! From crystal, plaques and trophies to high-quality acrylics and one-of-a-kind art glass pieces, our extensive line offers a diverse range of elegant products, created with distinguished designs and unique decoration techniques at every price point.

Picture of Round Brushed Zinc Coaster

Round Brushed Zinc Coaster

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Item# 25036
  • Extend lead times for Custom Crafted Medallions (CCM) items as follows: +2 weeks to standard lead times based on factories (still not fully operational due to pandemic).

As low as $9.780
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